I really don’t care about Half-Life 3. I only want it released in the hopes that it will revive the fandom.

I fear the day G-Man gets explained. I honestly can’t imagine a good answer, which either means my imagination is lacking, or that G-Man is so overhyped and mystified that any answer will not be enough. Half-Life will easily become my least favourite game franchise if it turns out he is Gordon Freeman.

After a marathon run of Half-Life 2, I went downstairs to get some food when my roommate dropped a pot. My left hand instinctively shot out to hit autosave, while my right hand kept scrolling the imaginary mouse wheel trying to find a suitable weapon for close quarters. I was confused when my inventory didn’t pop up, and a moment later I had a facepalm-worthy moment when I realized what I was doing.

I want to hug Otis.


I cried at the ending of Episode 2, and can make myself cry instantly when I want to by thinking about it.

As much as I hated seeing Alyx so upset over the Stalkers, I like to think an old friend or boyfriend or hers was turned into one.

Ayyy a good bunch of fanfic for the half life games is the series that Super Chocolate Bear made; it follows Gordon throughout all the games with his interpretation of how Gordon thinks and feels throughout all of it, and it's honestly one of my favorite fics of ANY series that I've read. You should start with The Black Mesa Incident, which also happens to follow Barney and Adrian through the facility too!:D Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! ouo

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I’m always searching for really superb Half-Life fanfic featuring Gordon.

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