By the time The Last of Us came out, I hadn’t played Half-Life 2 in over a year. I’m a little ashamed to say I still recognized Merle Dandridge (Alyx’s voice actress) as Marlene pretty quickly.

I really hope Valve pull a Beyonce and just drop Half-Life 3 out of the blue and surprise everyone.

Headcrabs scare me. I don’t know why, either. They’re one of the easiest enemies in the game. Every time I hear their screech I go straight for the shotgun.

Half-Life was around before I was born, but the games have been played around me before I could crawl. The series has such a big part in my life that it honestly scares me how much the games have helped me through tough times and daily life.

In the first Half-Life in which you have the ability to kill NPCs, I become especially brutal, having them fill their use to me and when I am done with them, killing them in the most brutal manner. Sometimes I even went out of my way to find ways to kill NPCs.

It would be so cool if Hunters could be tamed/reprogrammed and ridden or commanded. Hunters are awesome. It would be cool to have some on the player’s side.

I secretly like Kleiner’s headcrab, Lamarr.

When the rocks separate you and Alyx before the beginning of Ravenholm, I always try to keep up with her so that we don’t end up getting separated.

Hi, all! Two flavors of good news from this blog today:

  1. During our hiatus, we somehow managed to grow to over 1000 followers! Thank you all so much for bearing with us during the time this blog was quiet.
  2. Here’s what you’re probably more interested in hearing: we’ll be starting to post confessions again tomorrow. :) Please be patient while we’re clearing out the backlog, as we’ve currently got about two weeks’ worth of posts being queued and those will come before any new confessions. You are welcome to submit, though!

It’s really good to see all of you again.


I really don’t care about Half-Life 3. I only want it released in the hopes that it will revive the fandom.